Women’s Inmate Service & Education

Women’s Inmate Service & Education (WISE) works with adult females who are currently incarcerated in the Bergen County Jail and enrolled in the Drug Rehabilitation Center (DRC). The women are introduced and educated about designated topics, related behaviors and consequences. Participants remain linked with services for 90 days (completion of program), however, longer engagement may be provided to assist with the seamless transition to the community. Therapeutic groups allow the women to identify positive behavioral oriented goals, instill self-awareness, suggest options for growth and change, identify community resources and develop an understanding of the process of recovery and wellness.

Program Goal

To create an environment in which group members can engage in a level of self-disclosure and to prepare the women for release and re-entry from incarceration into the community.

Specialized Services

  • Individuals are offered a twelve-week structured group curriculum, ten hours per week, specifically designed for adult females.
  • Group topics include: Health & Wellness, Life/Coping Skills, Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, Employment/Vocational Goals, Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional and verbal), Social Skills/Decision Making, Education, Community Resources, and Anger Management.
  • Therapeutic groups allow for empathy, effective sharing, self-disclosure (public statement of problem), mutual affirmation, morale building, catharsis, immediate positive feedback, mutual identification, and education.
  • Case management services, which provide assistance with aftercare planning, linkage to appropriate treatment and re-entry into the community.

For more information, please contact:

Tara Smith, Program Manager
Phone: (201) 265-8200 ext. 5417
E-mail: TaraS@CarePlusNJ.org

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 201-986-5000 for more information.