Supportive Assistance For Individuals And Families

Creating Self-Sufficiency

SAIF is an intensive case management program provided to TANF and GA recipients that have been on cash assistance for 48 months or more, who have been granted a 24-month extension of their benefits.

SAIF Intensive Case Managers work closely with the clients, as well as their CWA/MWA case managers, in order to assist the clients to remove any identified barriers that may have hindered the client from becoming self-sufficient. Intensive Case Managers will provide the client with intensive follow up procedures to endure that they receive any services that may be necessary for the clients to become self-sufficient.

Program Goals

  • To close welfare cases by assisting participants to reach self-sufficiency by securing unsubsidized employment.
  • To assist participants, who fit certain criteria, attain exemption status and moves towards alternate benefits such as Social Security.

For More Information, Please Contact…

Tikesha Davis-Colon, MAS
at (973) 278-4870, ext 107
or email

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 201-986-5000 for more information.