Assisted Outpatient Treatment Services

A Program for Court Ordered Services

Assisted Outpatient Treatment Services (AOTS) at CarePlus is a program designed to engage individuals age 18 years or older and living in Bergen County – who have been court ordered to treatment within the community – in a mental health care and wellness program that provides a pathway to recovery.

CarePlus AOTS delivers community-based mental health services under court order to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness, who have demonstrated difficulty adhering to treatment. As a result of their mental health issues, they present as a danger to themselves, others or property, yet have a history of responding positively to outpatient treatment. AOTS will provide access to treatment and support services, and intensive intervention treatment and case management services will be offered in an effort to sustain the individual within the community.

Program Goal

To assist those who are committed to outpatient treatment to remain in the least restrictive environment by providing a person-centered approach to wellness through comprehensive outpatient services, care coordination, and a referral system that address the individual’s needs.

Services & Outcomes

  • To create rapid access to services that will address the intensive needs of individuals who, in the absence of AOTS, may have no option but hospitalization.
  • To establish a system for the management and provision of services to individuals involuntarily committed to outpatient treatment.
  • To assure that individuals committed to AOTS have transportation to appropriate services and court appearances related to their AOTS status.
  • To establish and maintain stabilization and ongoing recovery supports so that they are
    able to sustain community tenure and promote social inclusion.
  • To maintain or enhance the quality of life of individuals involuntarily committed to outpatient treatment and their families.
  • To offer community-based alternatives that will enhance treatment adherence for consumers who, if not so engaged, would be candidates for involuntary commitment
    to inpatient treatment.

Program Engagement Process

Individuals can be referred for AOTS by a screening referral, alternative or independent application or through conversion from inpatient to outpatient treatment.

For More Information, Please Contact…

Kathryn Camisa, LAC
at 201-478-4183, ext. 5533

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 201-986-5000 for more information.