Toolbox for Wellness

A safe place for adolescents who are experiencing symptoms of depression

A 10-week therapeutic group for teenage boys and girls that follows a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model—an evidence-based treatment modality which helps youth examine their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

The CarePlus Toolbox For Wellness provides a safe place for adolescents age 13 through 17 who are experiencing symptoms of depression to practice the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model (CBT). This model helps identify how thoughts and actions can be self-defeating and provide a path to learn how to replace poor coping skills with positive action.

Program Goals:

  • Teach Problem-Solving Skills
  • Enrich Coping Skills
  • Improve Interpersonal Relationships
  • Promote Individuality and Self-Esteem

These goals will be met through the use of:

  • Reframing unhealthy thinking
  • Practice replacing negative thoughts with helpful thinking
  • Role-playing

Insurance is accepted.

Have questions? Please contact our admissions department at 201-986-5000.

About the facilitator…

LaDeana Artis, LCSW

LaDeana Artis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She received her Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University.  She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy models for trauma, anxiety, depression, and disruptive behaviors and has completed the requirements to provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment, primarily to those who have experienced traumatic life events.

LaDeana is currently a Clinician in the Outpatient Department and has been working for Care Plus NJ for 17 years.  She has had extensive experience working in various roles within the agency, both in Outpatient and Intensive In-community settings.  As a Clinician, LaDeana specializes in working with individuals who have a history of trauma, however her overall experience includes, but is not limited to working with children and families in crisis (Family conflict, Family Separation/Divorce, Suicidal/Homicidal ideation; Non-Suicidal Self Injury), as well as individuals, couples, and families who have a history of various psychiatric diagnoses (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Anxiety; Depression; Schizophrenia; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Personality Disorders) and/or may be experiencing difficult life transitions, distressful life circumstances, unhealthy family dynamics, and/or behavioral issues.  She looks forward to facilitating the Toolbox for Wellness group to help youth explore, identify, and practice strategies to more effectively manage their difficult thoughts and emotions with the hope of developing a more balanced perspective of themselves and the world around them.