Social Skills II: Beyond the Basics

Advanced communication and social skill-building

Social Skills: Part 2 “Beyond the Basics”, is designed for youth who have successfully completed the basic social skills program at Care Plus and could benefit from a more advanced group to enhance social and emotional learning. This group will help youth to manage the pressures of social situations through advanced skill-building. Youth will develop the skills needed to establish and strengthen peer relationships as well as improve effective communication with others.


Program Goals:

  • Improve peer communication skills including compromising, negotiating with others and accepting rejected ideas
  • Improve problem-solving and responsible decision-making skills
  • Manage frustrations and anger appropriately and gain self-awareness
  • Build and strengthen self-confidence and emotional reciprocity in peer relationships
  • Gain cooperation and increase engagement
  • Cope with rejection and pressure of social relationships

Participants will learn to:

  • Use self-control strategies
  • Cope with anger more effectively
  • Express feelings positively
  • Communicate effectively with improved conversational skills
  • Problem solve to make good decisions

Specialized Services:

During this 8-week group, members will develop and practice social skills through role playing, group activities, worksheets, and discussions. A progress report will be provided to all parents to assist with providing feedback on their child’s performance during the 8-week session.

About the facilitators…

Jennifer Kapr

Jen is a Licensed Associate Counselor who has been working with children, adolescents and families for the past two years. She has her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Ramapo College of New Jersey and her Master’s in Forensic Mental Health Counseling from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Jen currently works with the Children’s Out-patient Endeavors program with Care Plus and has been facilitating Social Skills groups for the past year. Jen additionally works in a school setting with middle and high school students on wellness initiatives and academic success and teaches various science courses including Psychology and Forensic Science. Jen looks forward to working with youth and families towards their goals and creating a supportive and fostering environment.

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