Music Therapy

Encouraging positive expression and coping skills

The CarePlus Music Therapy Group uses the natural elements embedded in music-making to target the needs of children with behavioral and social challenges in a non-threatening, engaging, and fun way.

Music Therapy is a proven, therapeutic practice that has been successful in reaching youth who may have difficulty expressing themselves verbally or have behavioral, social, or developmental challenges. Those who are struggling with anxiety and depression, or perhaps have anger management issues, will find the group to be helpful in learning positive coping strategies and ways to express themselves.

Program Goals:

Over the 8-week session period, youth (developmental/age-appropriate groups) will partake in goal-oriented and evidence-based music experiences designed to target areas such as:

  • awareness of self and others
  • cooperation and friendships
  • self-regulation and impulse control
  • socialization
  • communication skills
  • creativity

These goals will be met through the use of:

  • recreation of existing songs
  • the creation of new and original songs
  • receptive listening
  • exposure to a variety of music, creative movement and/or improvisation.

About the facilitator…

Paul Kates, BA, MT-BC

Paul Kates has been a Board Certified Music Therapist since August of 2012, specializing in working with children with both social and behavioral special needs.  Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State University and is certified as a Music Therapist through the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CMBT).

Paul, a member of the CarePlus staff for 12 years, has worked with a variety of populations within numerous settings including schools, hospitals, and behavioral health centers. He has experience working with the adult psychiatric population, older adults with dementia, and children with developmental and physical disabilities. At The Ben Samuels Children’s Center, he worked as part of a comprehensive treatment team to best address the challenges of children with special needs in both mainstream and early intervention settings. Paul is looking forward to facilitating music therapy to engage and interact while simultaneously acting as a container and safe place for addressing and processing feelings.

Have questions? Call Gabriella Urato, LCSW at 201-797-2660 x5210 for more information and scheduling.